Board of Directors

Jon Robertson, DMA is one of the three co-founders of Foundation Hope for Haiti.  He has served on the board and as chairman since 2002.  Under his leadership the organization was able to achieve the goal of earning tax exemption status.  He is the symphony conductor for the Redlands Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the dean of Lynn University’s Conservatory of Music. In addition, he is a minister, international speaker and published writer.

Florence Bellande Robertson, Ph.D. is one of the co-founders of Foundation Hope for Haiti (2002) and Fondation Espoir (Haiti, 1995). She is the CEO and President of FHH.  She is a retired university professor of languages and literature, and former director of Multicultural Studies.  Additionally, she is a social activist, a singer, published writer, and a frequent presenter at academic and civic events.  She is a member of several cultural and academic associations.

Evelyn Ducheine Cartwright, Ph.D. is Director of the Africana Studies Program at Barry University in Miami, teaches English, Caribbean and African American Literature. She is a published writer.  Her work is centered around the relationship between ethics and ethnicity and the plight of Haitian refugees in South Florida.  She is active in community and socio-cultural activities, especially pertaining to Haitians. 

Michele Issa P.A. is Financial Officer-treasurer of FHH.  In her many decades as a respected Real Estate professional, her compassionate and humane vision has helped many underprivileged Haitians to find new homes in Florida.  She is actively involved in the spiritual quest and the art of meditation.

Yanatha Desouvre, M.A. in Marketing and Mass Communications Media Management is a published writer, educator and motivational speaker. He knows the critical role that technology places in the enhancement of the arts and education worldwide.  He is currently an IT Trainer at the University of Miami.

Mireille L. Bourjolly,  is a retired anesthesiologist. Former chairperson of the Anesthesia Department at Meharry/Hubbard Hospital in Nashville, TN.  An activist; she has always been involved in helping the underprivileged and implementing social changes, particularly in the Haitian community living in Nashville, its surroundings; and now in Florida.  She is also a musician, involved in cultural-literary activities. 

Wendy White, is a painter whose art has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Florida and elsewhere.  She teaches arts and theater.  She is also a social crusader, championing the cause of the socially disenfranchised.